By | June 26, 2016

Having passed D2, there’s been a huge amount of work going on to make sure we are ready for D3.

On the software front Pete contributed a bunch of work helping to get the plane geofence code into APM:Copter (which we need for the heli).
Tridge has, as always, devoted massive amounts of effort into the APM firmware (and sim/sitl updates to facilitate), with the Heli and QuadPlane branches progressing really well.

Steve has been busy with MavProxy updates and a new module for remote arming and takeoff.

On the hardware front, Greg has meticulously built the GX9 heli (and kept her going), with some great support from Federico.

Grant and Tridge have kept the QuadPlane going, and the second Porter quadplane is a masterpiece in progress (thanks Jack).
Both the GX9 and first Porter have cracked 5 hours autonomous flight now, which is cause for both celebration and a sigh of relief!

The next step is getting the new systems required by the OBC implemented. To help with this we have a little test rig, with a pixraptor and raspberry pi hooked up to a momentary arming switch, emergency stop and indicator lights. Powered from a lipo, this lets us test the entire setup without needing to leave the office!

Arming light and button