CanberraUAV and “The Plan”

By | October 30, 2014

After many team meetings and discussions, CanberraUAV has developed a detailed set of goals for the next couple of years.

The general theme is that we want to build up a capability to run real-life Search and Rescue scenarios in concert with the emergency services. We also want to collaborate with other like-minded organisations to do the same.

As the length of our list of goals shows, we still have a way to go before we have an effective, reliable and generalised system!

And as always, we remain committed to publishing our documentation and source code and remaining an “open” organisation dedicated to advancing the field of civilian UAV technology.

We always welcome new members. So if you see something on the list of goals that you’re interested in contributing to, let us know.

Finally, it’s been an amazing 4 years since the beginning of CanberraUAV (24/11/2010 being the date of the first emails) and we can’t wait for what the next 4 years will being!