Commercial Support

Whilst CanberraUAV is a not-for-profit community group that does not engage in commercial operations, many of our members are able to offer commercial support through their own organisations.

The following is a list of members available for commercial support, with contact details and areas of expertise.


Peter Barker

Peter Barker has been employed in the IT industry for 18 years, and has been working with UAVs for 3 years (In which time collected more UAVs than he really has room for).  Peter has always loved working with Free and Open Source technology and developing new skills.  He was employed by 3DR to develop automated log analysis tools and other tools for Ardupilot.  He is the maintainer of Ardupilot’s DataFlash subsystem.


Darrell Burkey

Owner of ProUAV Australia, a full time professional aerial photographic service dedicated to collecting the images and data required for your projects. See for more information.

Stephen Dade

Stephen is a Systems Engineer with over 5 years experience in satellite communications systems, UAV research and development. He has worked in both large and small scale projects in this time.

He is able to assist is the area of communications systems – including 3G/4G, point-to-point links, satellite and many other systems. Additionally he can develop custom visualisation and ground station software (including modules for the MAVProxy ground station software).

He can also help with any general setup or troubleshooting of Ardupilot-based systems.


Grant Morphett

Grant spends all his time developing the Ardupilot software and operating vehicles such as Planes, Multirotors, Rovers & Boats to test the software and subsequently analysing logs.

  • ArduPilot software developer all vehicle types
  • ArduPilot Rover maintainer
  • Troubleshooting and support (log review, vehicle support)


James Pattison

Aerospace Engineer, Certified Remote Pilot, Vice President CanberraUAV

James has broad aviation experience, focusing on unmanned and rotary wing aircraft.

Relevant to civilian systems, James has deep skills in specialized multirotor building and operation, from small “FPV” racing drones up to 1200mm heavy lift and endurance machines.

He can also help with custom Ground Control Station hardware design and construction.

Whilst not generally available for paid work, James is more than willing to have a chat and help you out.  If your problem is particularly interesting or challenging, he may consider consulting requests on a case-by-case basis.


Andrew Tridgell

Andrew is a lead developer of fixed wing support for ArduPilot, along with the lead developer for all QuadPlane variants and the systems lead for ArduPilot sensors, hardware drivers and platform support. Aerialrobotics Australia is experienced at working with international clients to provide top quality support anywhere in the world.