Happy New Year to you aviators, innovators, supporters and educators!

By | January 16, 2018
Before we have even started with all of our activities in 2018 we need to say a big thank you to our outgoing Canberra UAV President, Stephen Dade. He has done an incredible job of steering Canberra UAV to success from the beginning through the 2012, 2014 and 2016 UAV Challenges. He has been the master of the unseen organisational activity that underpins Canberra UAV, along with being an exceptional contributor to our software in his own right. Stephen is stepping aside as the President of the club to let ‘new blood’ have an opportunity on the Committee.
The new Canberra UAV President is Jimmy Owens; Jimmy just really hopes that he isn’t the first President of Canberra UAV to make a mess of the UAV Challenge entry!
2018 is going to be a big year for us, with the changes to the UAV Challenge Medical Express rules challenging us to really push our technology forward. We’re hard at work trying to develop some pretty big things for the 2018 UAV Challenge. Because the rules have changed we need to make some significant changes to our imaging hardware and software. We love our Quad-Porter, but we are working hard on developing an entirely new type of aircraft, a Thrust Vectored Belly Sitter.┬áIf we can get this to work, we will be able to combine the take off and landing advantages of a ‘copter with the efficiencies of a mechanically and electrically straight forward fixed wing aircraft; that is not only useful for the challenge but for numerous real world applications.
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