Getting Involved

CanberraUAV welcome any and all members in the Canberra region who want to be involved, regardless of technical or educational levels. We place an emphasis on learning and development from each other. All we require from our members is enthusiasm and interest!

A first step would be to join our mailing list for the latest discussions or attend one of our meetings or testing days below.


UAV meetings are held on weekly basis on Mondays at 8pm AEST online via the Mumble VOIP client. Casual meetups are held at the MHV Hackerspace in Downer in parallel with the normal MHV meetups.

The agenda for these meetings is primarily organisational and high level design, in addition to looking at any new parts or modules members have bought in.


Testing is currently performed at CMAC airfield in South Canberra. A map is available here. Note that the airfield can only be accessed from the northbound lane of the Monaro Hwy. For anyone coming from the north, it is recommended to turn around at the Alexander Maconochie Centre and come back up the northbound lane. Testing usually commences from 9:30am and goes until early afternoon. This is dependent upon who turns up when and the amount of testing to be done. People should check the mailing list on the Fri/Sat beforehand to confirm if testing is to take place on the Sunday.


Related Websites

We have several other website for managing CanberraUAV. This includes: