Kingaroy Day 4 (OBC Day 2)

By | September 23, 2014

Today was fairly quiet for us, as the second half of the high school division took up most of the day.

We had our team interview shortly before lunch, which went quite well. The judges noted that most of the other teams had referenced CanberraUAV and our open software/datasets in their own interviews!

The remaining teams had their scrutineering. A number of teams has issues with SBAS on their GPS modules giving erratic readings. Tridge (and others in the team) spent a lot of our time helping out the other APM-based teams in switching off their SBAS (among many other issues). As far as we’re aware, most teams have passed scrutineering, but we will know for sure tomorrow.

We also met a 16 year old teenager who is a very accomplished programmer and wanted to know more about how to modify/contribute to the APM software. He is amazingly intelligent – he was easily able to keep up with Tridge’s description of the APM parameters and structure! In order to assist with his endeavours, we gave him one of our spare Pixhawks (as he only had an APM 2.5).

Tomorrow begins (at 6am!) the competition flights. CanberraUAV is second last on the list, so we don’t expect to be flying until late Thursday at the earliest.