Kingaroy Day 6 (OBC Day 4)

By | September 25, 2014

Quite an exciting day today.

CanberraUAV was due to fly today, but the competition was cut short by strong winds and an incoming storm in the afternoon. We made it as far as being sent out to the runway with the French team (Aetournos) around midday. At that time the wind speed was above above the threshold for running the OBC. After waiting for an hour, it was clear that the wind was not calming down. Noting that the wind speed was still above the threshold, the judges gave us the opportunity to fly there and then (as we had a large and powerful airframe), or wait until Friday. After a team discussion, we decided to wait until Friday.

We are currently second on the list of the three remaining competitors and will most likely be flying early Friday morning around 7-9am. This will depend on when the morning fog lifts though.

As for the other teams that flew:
SFWA – Found Joe on 3rd guess. Successfully dropped a bottle to him. This is the first time this had occurred in the history of the OBC!
H2Joe – Crashed partway through the search pattern. The wings ended up in a tree and the fuselage 5m away on the ground.
VAMUdeS – Found Joe. Dropped a bottle to him, but the bottle was outside the 100m maximum distance from Joe.
Robota – Found Joe on 1st guess. Successfully dropped a bottle to him!

Note that the Judges will not be releasing the bottle distances from Joe.

It has been quite a historic day at the OBC with so many successful missions! We are very impressed with the performance of the SFWA and Robota teams.

The rest of the afternoon and the evening was spent with the SwissFang team, discussing autopilot software development and demonstrating software-in-the-loop simulation of APM.