Multicopter mid-air launch development and the Raspberry Pi 4

By | July 30, 2019

Here is a sneak peak of some testing we are doing for the UAV Challenge next year.

If Outback Joe is stuck in a shed then we need to go in to him! Thanks to our sponsors HolyBro for providing us with Mini QAV250 QuadCopters running Pixhawk 4 to test with. They are perfect for this job. And they are seriously tough too!

The initial development flights took place on a Hobbyking Bixler. Canberra UAV members have a fleet of these, which get used for everything from members of all ages learning to fly through to development work horses. We love them and find them extremely hard to destroy.

We’ve also started work on some video encoding so that we can reduced the bandwidth required to send video of Outback Joe from the rescue vehicle to the ground station via a circling communications relay aircraft over the expected 6.5 nautical mile range. This is a real challenge! We had done some testing to compare and test a couple of available single board computers. We really like the RaspberryPi 4 and we have ordered a few of those to do development with. They should be fast enough for the encoding work that we need.