UAV Challenge 2018 Announced

By | March 6, 2017

The UAV Challenge 2018 (Medical Express) has been announced. The full announcement and rules are at

This Challenge is an evolution of the 2016 UAV Challenge. As per the 2016 Challenge, teams still have to fly to Outback Joe and pick up a blood sample from him. This time, however, teams must also avoid static no-fly zones (hazards) during the flight between Joe and the Base site. Teams also have the option of competing for two addition prizes:

  • Type 2 Autonomy. Where there must be no interaction from the team via the GCS during the mission
  • Dynamic no-fly zone. Where the UAV will be given a stream of changing no-fly zones during the mission and must automatically re-plot it’s waypoints to stay outside there zones.

Looks to be an interesting challenge!