UAV Challenge Diary (Day -2)

By | September 25, 2016

After a long day of driving, we made it to Dalby in the late afternoon.

Darrell, Paul, Felix, Greg, Matt and myself went straight to the motel to sort out rooms and grab some supplies for breakfast, whilst everyone else was the the Dalby Model Aircraft Club (DMAC) surveying the facilities until dark. It was very windy at DMAC – hopefully not a sign a things to come. The team spent their time there planning the takeoff and landing sequences, given the wind and locations of nearby buildings and the DMAC runway.

We met up with the UNSW (Canberra) team along the way to Dalby and they joined our convoy for part of the way (until a navigation error took them down a different road for a few hours).

We had a few minor navigation issues of our own, which reinforced the lesson of communicating well within the team – with 13 people, we do have to take care to ensure everyone is aware of the current and near-future plans.

Tomorrow’s plan is to test all the things! Primarily check all our equipment still works, tune the IC engines (we’re at a different altitude than Canberra – this affects the engine tuning), check 3G/4G coverage for our comms system and run through many more SITL testing.