Deliverable 2 for the 2018 UAV Challenge has been submitted!

By | April 10, 2018

We’re very excited that our second deliverable for the 2018 UAV Challenge has been submitted. Just a few stressful weeks until we receive our Go/No-Go from the organisers.


In the mean time, we have got lots of work to do. In particular we need to make some technological improvements to our OctoPorter to improve it’s reliability and refine the build of the Kraken.

We’ve also got work to do on our autonomous target location based on our new Raspberry Pi based automated image recognition software and development of the ArduPilot code to deal with Dynamic No Fly Zones. Watch this space for updates!

We’ll keep you updated as we go. Thank you very much to our family, friends and supporters! Don’t forget that we really appreciate donations to our Patreon account to help us fund our project. We put all of our work straight back into the ArduPilot community and make our autonomous image recognition software available to all; please consider contributing if you get use or pleasure out of this like we do!

Our Patreon account is here: