Kingaroy Day 3 (OBC Day 1)

By | September 22, 2014

Today was the first day of the 2014 UAV Outback Challenge.

The day was mostly given over to the High School division, leaving us to
set up and meet the other teams. We had a great time chatting with them
and checking out their UAV systems.

In the end, 16 teams (and 50 people) turned up to the OBC.

Over half the teams are using the APM/Pixhawk flight controller that
Tridge has put so much work into, which was gratifying to see. Several
teams came up to us and thanked us for all the software, datasets and
documentation we’d published over the last two years.

The afternoon was spent in scrutineering (which we passed), where the
judges went over our airframe and some of the failsafes to ensure they
functioned correctly.

Afterwards, CompassUAV almost booked out an entire local pub for all of
the teams to have dinner/drinks in a more casual setting.