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FYI and further discussion. Jack.
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Hi Jack,
Lemming forwarded me your email because I am the team-lead of the UAV team
(team name is TGIF) that is based in/near the Brisbane Hackerspace. We are
oficially a group of three engineers, all Hsbne members, but although the
people are part of hsbne ... the team is independent, but encouraged by
others at hsbne.

As for the termination system,we have chosen to follow an extremely similar
path to your team... (ie arduino + multiplexor+ etc ) but we have actually
built a proof of concept and written a first round of firmware for it... and
it works!  Given we are using ardupilot-mega electronics for our navigation
systems,it occurred to me that the red CPU board from there (approx $60
without the "oilpan") is already built and has an 8 channel RC multiplexer
and an arduino 2560, and has a plug for an independent GPS module,and has a
bunch of support code libraries already written and tested for it.... so we
are using a separate one of these as the core of our failsafe system.

Would your team be interested in collaborating on this project?  (I was
planning to opensource it if anyone showed interest...)


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  Hi Lemming,
  I saw your post on DIYdrones, but it had rolled off the page by the time I
  got around to responding.
  Your UAV blog on HSBNE has not been updated, so I thought you had fallen
  the wayside.
  The only commercial failsafe unit I know of that will do what you want is
  the Millswood Engineering unit.
  We are developing our own. It will provide power and buffering for the
  servos as well as control for a few ancilliary items on board. Control
  be by an arduino, so it can be reprogrammed anytime to suit the latest
  The details can be viewed in our D1 on
  We will be making a PCB for it. I think our team would agree to sending a
  copy if you need it.

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