[Canberrauav] 900 MHZ radio antennas

Chris Gough christopher.d.gough at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 22:57:28 EST 2011

I salvaged the 7 remaining antennas from Tiny's in Mitchell. There are
3 kinds, and they are all big hefty items.

The CPX308R may be the pick of the bunch, because it's the smallest
(only 19 kg). However it needs some fixing, the plastic where the
sockets mount has been crushed (the wiring might be OK), looks like it
was dropped on it's end.


17DBi, 9 degree vertical beam-width and 65 degree horisontal
beam-width, and 10 degrees of tilt actuation (assuming we hold it

They are all dual antennas, linear polarised 90 degrees apart (each 45
degree off vertical). I think that means they could be combined to
make a single, circularly polarised antenna (with the same beam
shape). As I understand it, this would require a coax "T" with one
tail longer than the other (by 1/4 wavelength at the speed of light in
the specific coax material). These antennas all have 7/16 DIN
connectors, but we don't need 300+W! Re-fitting SMA or just hooking up
coax directly might be OK, but some 7/16 DIN adapters or setup would
allow us to try conveniently swap handedness (and antenna units).

I suspect there may be  a way to combine two units in a vee
configuration to make a circular polarised antenna with a different
beam shape (more round), but I don't know if this is true or if it
would be practical.

Does anyone want take a CPX310R to play with, or have a go at setting
up the CPX308R?

Chris Gough


two type: CNPX310R-4P:
s/n: 23953072, mfr: 21/06/08
condition: looks OK
s/n: 23953074, mfr: 21/06/08
condition: looks OK
these are both 900MHz and 2Ghz, 4 antennas per unit, independent tilt
actuator per pair. Like rectangular malibu surf boards.

four type: CPX310R
s/n: 60031566, mfr: 04/09/08
condition: looks OK
s/n: 60031571, mfr: 04/09/08
condition: two visible defects
 - one pushed-in socket (crushed FRP mount)
 - snapped elevation adjustment indicator, might be a jamming risk
s/n: 60031553, mfr: 04/09/08
condition: looks OK
s/n: 19314309, mfr: 10/04/09
condition: looks OK

one type: CPX308R
s/n: 50070495, mfr: 28/06/06
condition: visible defects
 - two pushed-in sockets (crushed FRP mount)

On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 10:17 AM, Chris Gough
<christopher.d.gough at gmail.com> wrote:
> Nice find! I just asked them to set two aside for me, I'll pick them
> up tomorrow ($10 each)! If they are unsuitable they will make OK
> shed-shelves.
> With 7 degree vertical beamwidth, the Remote Electrical Tilt (RET)
> might actually be needed. The horisontal beamwidth looks a lot wider,
> maybe 40 degreesfrom the polar chart, so manual panning should be OK.
> The RET is controlled via the ASIG protocol (http://www.aisg.org.uk/),
> which is layered over RS485. Does anyone know of a cheap "interfacing
> unit"solution? I coudn't find a python ASIG library, what's the world
> coming to...
> Chris Gough
> On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 6:08 AM, Moss, Andrew <Andrew.Moss at ed.act.edu.au> wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> It sounds like the radio testing and development is going really well.
>> I was at Revolve (now Tiny's) yesterday. They have some X CSIRO 900MHZ
>> antennas made by Argus Antennas. Here is the specs for them.
>> http://www.argusantennas.com/files//website-catalogue-2011/3-panel-antennas-multi-band/824-960-mhz-1710-2170-mhz-1710-2170-mhz/cnnpx310r.pdf
>> It looks like they have internal pan and tilt. They are about a metre tall
>> and look very expensive, although we could get them for a song at Tiny's.
>> They have about 9 of them.
>> Can one of the antennas experts have a look at the spec sheet to see how
>> useful they may for the project If they fit the bill, I can pick them up.
>> See you,
>> Andrew
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