[Canberrauav] notes from today's flight test

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.org
Wed Dec 14 16:16:36 EST 2011

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the notes! If anyone would like to see some of the photos
from today, see here:


we were asked to get some photos of CMAC from the air for the website to
show off the new runway and taxi ways.

>  * solve smearing problems with chameleon cameras. What settings are
> wrong? how to reproduce on the bench? how to detect smearing from the
> air?

Would somebody else like to volunteer to look into this and solve it? We
get it with both the colour and mono cameras. The skills needed are C
programming, and time to play with camera settings (and read the very
detailed manual). We could also put in a support request with PtGrey.
I will give the cameras to whoever has time to look into this.

>  * BUG - debayer program not garbage collecting properly

I've reduced this a bit now, but there seems to be an underlying problem
with the OpenCV library.

>  * ubiquity modem has a dodgy connection somewhere, intermittent power
> failure (and it takes 30 seconds to reboot, after the cable-jiggling
> makes the light come back on). While this was useful for testing
> multiple data link features, we've done that now so it should probably
> be fixed :) One option would be to replace the CAT cable (and perhaps
> use braid to isolate the socket from mechanical stress), or replace
> the POE injector with a direct power connection with a high
> reliability connector (eliminate one possible source).

it would be good to have a volunteer to look into this. If I gave you
the radio over Christmas could you look at this Chris?

>  * BUG: using the multi-link features, when sending new parameters to
> the plane from the GCS, the state model of each link is not updated
> with the new parameter value (unless parameter explicitly "fetched").
>  * BUG: episodic latency (stutters ~3s duration) on one link but not
> the other is causing some grief. May be a buffering issue (where;
> xbee? ubiquity? software blocking?). May need to find and fix
> buffering issue, and also handle message asynchronicity differently.

I'll look into these this week.

Cheers, Tridge

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