[Canberrauav] First flight

Jack Pittar jpittar at bigpond.net.au
Sat Dec 31 21:01:02 EST 2011

Today I got the heavy model certificate for the Mugin with Ray Botten - the
CMAC certifier of heavy models.
The certificate is valid for three years. It comprises a structural
inspection of the model, and a flight test of the model and pilot flying the
monoeuvres it will be certified for. The certificate is for just basic
flying - no aerobatics. Other pilots can have their names put on the
certificate with a similar flight demonstration.
On the second circuit we saw one of the main wheels fall off, so  I decided
to get some practice in while I could.
The model responded well to the controls, and only required  a bit of trim
to have it flying hands off. I thought it was too slow and sluggish, but
when I made my concerns known to Ray, he said I was flying it too fast! This
is something I was going to have to get used to very quickly. My other
concern was depth perception with such a big model. A good landing depends
upon a good approach, and a good approach requires good depth perception.
I elected to do a number of circuits and low passes in order to achieve a
minimum speed landing on the middle of the airstrip. I elected to land on
one attempt when the model looked particularly well lined up. It touched
down a bit later than I wanted, but the wheelless leg seemed to slip along
the mat with little impediment, and no damage was done.
We searched for the lost wheel, but gave up after an hour because it was
really a hopeless task.
A fellow modeller took a photo just before the landing. I am sending it to
Tridge and Steve to put on our website.

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