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Mon Jan 2 21:51:54 EST 2012

Hi all,


I’ve had a look at the requirements for Deliverable 2 (Due 4th April) and made the following notes:


What we need for the report:

ñ  Design Approach and Rationale

◦     The reasons for choosing the components that we chose

◦     Overall design of the UAV

◦     Where/how the radio links and failsafe fit into the design

◦     Ground station design (computers HW/SW, networking, antennas)

ñ  Spectrum Management

◦     What frequencies we're using and proof that we're using the correct licences (power levels, etc)

◦     How the multiplexing between radios works

◦     Maybe some link calculations showing that we can get the range/data rate that we require/claim

ñ  Flight Termination Requirements

◦     How the FTS device works and emphasis on how it is a separate system

◦     Under what conditions it will trigger (what data from what system)

▪     Loss of data link

▪     Loss of GPS

▪     Lockup or failure of the APM's

▪     Lockup or failure of the Ground Control Station

▪     Loss of engine power

▪     Any others? (outside GEOfence?)

ñ  LiPo Battery management

◦     We need to make a decision on whether we'll actually be using them

◦     Will depend on whether the AUV is petrol or electric

◦     FTS will need a separate power system – do we use a safer type of battery?

ñ  Flight test results and discussion

◦     Some plots and diagrams of a simple waypoint flight – map of location, speed, altitude

◦     Auto(?) takeoff and landing results

◦     How close it gets to the waypoints. Min distance between waypoints, turning circle. Max range of the UAV (why? Radio range, fuelled range, etc)

◦     Frequency of failures. Over the course of lots (>6) flights, what failed (but did not lead to the FTS being activated – ie APM, GPS, radio links). Was the FTS ever activated.

◦     Testing the FTS – show that it does work (maybe take manual control at the last minute to save the plane)

ñ  List of all team members. 



ñ  Water bottle drop

◦     Need this system integrated onto the UAV

◦     Need a steady camera to record it!

ñ  Pre-flight setup and checks

◦     Need to finalise what our checks actually are

◦     Need to perform them regularly

◦     Includes GCS

ñ  Takeoff and landing

◦     Need to automate this and video it

ñ  This must all be performed on the actual aircraft we'll be using in the competition




>From this I’m thinking we should focus upon getting our final airframe up and running and integrated with the APM and bottle drop mechanism. In addition we should finalise our checklists and ground control station setup.


Given there’s an MHV meetup tomorrow night, I propose we discuss our timetable and goals for D2 there.






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