[Canberrauav] Flying tomorrow

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.org
Sat Jan 14 15:15:29 EST 2012

Hi All,

Jack and I did a good flight test yesterday, with some good results and
some hiccups.

We first flew the Mugin with Jacks APM1 in control, but mostly in manual
mode. We also had one of my APM2s on board, connected to the new HopeRF
radio module. The idea was to combine testing of the APM1 controlling
the Mugin with testing of the HopeRF in comparison to the Xbee900Pro
that Jack had connected to his APM1.

The first hiccup came when Jack switched to stabilise mode and we found
that the plane pitched up too much. After some fiddling I asked Jack to
land so I could look at the logs properly. I found to my embarressment
that I had RC2_REV set incorrectly, causing the plane to get positive
feedback on pitch changes (ie. it moved the elevator the wrong way!). A
basic mistake indeed. We had done ground tests of course, but I guess we
just had a mental mismatch between pulling the nose up and the elevator
going up.

After that trivial fix we prepared for a 2nd flight to start runing the
PIDs, but unfortunately we couldn't get the engine to start. Despite
some help from some other CMAC members we didn't get it to run for more
than a few seconds. Jack is still looking into this, looking at possible
fuel, sparkplug or carburetor issues.

One nice result from the flight was with the HopeRF. The new TDM
firmware that I have worked on recently is performing well, and produced
much better results than the Xbee for the same flight.

Here is the KML of the flight using the Xbee:


and the same flight recorded using the HopeRF:


The HopeRF got a lot more packets through! Maybe it was swamping the Xbee?

I'm off to Ballarat tomorrow where I am giving a talk about our project
at LCA. Should be fun!

Cheers, Tridge

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