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Jack -


The insurance is for any location in Australia (and overseas, although the
coverage for overseas is only $1m).


It includes all testing and development flights associated with the
competition, and all flights during the competition.


We would be covered from the moment we pay the insurance. It doesn't specify
when the coverage ends, but it would be at least until the end of the




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Is the testing for all year, anywhere?
Or does it just cover activities for testing at the venue just prior to the
event, and during the event?

On 24/01/2012 5:55 PM Stephen Dade wrote:

Hi all


Good news - the UAV Challenge organisers have successfully negotiated
insurance for the teams!!


The basics:

$1650 for testing + competition coverage

$5M public liability coverage

Will cover all our aircraft, on the proviso that only one aircraft is
airborne at any one time.

Is available right now


I'll purchase the insurance tonight.


I'm thinking if we each contribute ~$165 to this, we should be able to cover
the cost.







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