[Canberrauav] flying this weekend

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.org
Sat Nov 3 17:34:55 EST 2012

> I will bring bungee launcher tomorrow morning. No ramp or anything,
> just basic setup. You just need to fix a hook.

ok, thanks Chris!

We also got a donated bungee from Ray today, although its a bit strong -
really meant for larger models.

Jack and I fitted a hook this afternoon, so we're all set for tomorrow.

We also took the X8 and the SkyFun out to Lake George for some slope
soaring fun off the top of the hill there. The wind was from the east at
about 10knots, and it was fantastic!

We flew the SkyFun first, just to get used to it. It was really fun! We
could stay up forever with the motor off. I'd definately recommend it
for a fun way to fly.

Then we took the X8 up for its mainden flight. It flew really well! The
trim was great with almost no adjustment, and the CoG was just right. At
full throttow it can do about 33m/s. I tweaked the gains a little (it
needs quite a lot of throw for good control) and then we had some fun
flying it.

At cruise throttle (about 55% or so) it does 20m/s. It handled the wind
very nicely, and would fly forever with the updrafts from the lake and
no throttle. We flew for a total of 13 minutes, and used 1.3Ah of
battery, out of a 5Ah 4S.

The flight was then cut short when I decided to see how it would handle
a deliberate stall. I stalled it in FBWA and it went into a spin at
100m. Unfortunately the APM didn't manage to bring it out of the spin,
and I didn't think to switch to manual in time. It came down near the
edge of the lake with no damage - it is surprisingly robust! We drove
down to the "model retrieving carpark" and collected it to take home (I
was running a bit short on time, so we didn't fly again).

There are some photos from todays flying and building here:


Cheers, Tridge

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