[Canberrauav] X8 catapult

Jack Pittar jpittar at bigpond.net.au
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I agree that this type of launcher is the best approach.
The main question in designing something like this is how long does it have
to be, and how are we going to transport it?
There is a significant advantage in having a single piece rail - any
arrangement that requires folding or concertinaring parts becomes an
assembly problem. Careful mating of the two lengths is required if the
shuttle is slide smoothly from one length to the other.
Can we do it in 2 metres? That is the length in the back of my station
Can we do it 3 metres? Longer than that becomes unwieldy on a roof rack.
We could consider a cam arrangement to achieve a constant force, such as
that used in a compound bow, if we get a significant saving in the length of
the rails.

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This is my favourite catapult so far for the X8:


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