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Hi Joel,


We'll definitely add you to the list!







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Hi Stephen and others,

Please add St Edmunds College to the list of schools.  I have started
getting equipment together but we are very much a  beginners at this stage.




Joel Cowey

ICT Curriculum Coordinator

St Edmunds College


M 0400 60 70 42


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Hi everyone,


We've come up with a list of sub-projects to focus on over the next 6
months. I've also put the sub-project "managers" (for lack of a better word)
in brackets.


Catapult system for the X8 UAV (Jack/Tridge)

FPV technologies (Tridge)

COFDM-based system for digital video transmission (Dave)

D-GPS for increased positioning accuracy (Tridge)

ADS-B receiver for sense-and-avoid of other aircraft (Tridge)

(Automatic) tracking antenna for ground station (Jack/Matt)

Pan/Tilt/Rectract camera mount (Chris/Matt)

Radar system for terrain tracking and object avoidance (Steve)

Ardurover-based truck for launching the X8 (Steve)

Assisting local schools with their UAV programs (Dickson College and
Gungahlin College so far) (Tridge/Jack/Andrew Moss)

Weather Station for CMAC (Tridge/Jack)

Github wiki and documentation system (Chris/Michael)

MHV Quadcopter project (Steve)


If anyone from the wider community is interested in being a part of any of
these projects, we would love to have as many people involved as possible!
You can either email this list or the specific sub-project managers above
with your interest.


We are planning to use Github for our source code and documentation
management. Look for the CanberraUAV group on Github for details.







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