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Tim Brown tim at time-science.com
Wed Nov 21 12:46:46 EST 2012

FYI, I have a re-shipper service set up with Bongous.com. their web
interface is terrible but their shipping rates are very good. I haven't
tried any other reshipper services. At any rate, I'll be shipping an order
out from Connecticut to ANU towards the end of next week and we could cover
the shipping for a GoPro is someone wants to order one from Amazon or GoPro
and ship it to the address in Connecticut. Note that I tried to order some
stuff from GoPro to that address using my ANU credit card and it got denied
so you'll either need a us credit card or an amazon account. If you don't
have an amazon account I could use mine and someone could paypal me at my
australian paypal. whatever makes the most sense that works. We can cover
the shipping costs but would need payment if there were any import taxes. I
shipped a bunch of cameras in last month and wasn't charged extra but the
previous time I was so I don't really know how customs decides if we get
taxed or not. Maybe email me off list and we can sort out the details if
you are interested

something like this...

tim.brown at anu.edu.au

On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 4:02 PM, Darrell Burkey <dazza at tucan.net> wrote:

> I think it's unlikely that Australian suppliers will receive stock by the
> advised date of Dec. GoPro is notorious for being months late and dragging
> things out with dealers. They don't even send stock to dealers until months
> after release of new products insisting all sales are direct from them.
> More interesting is that they may not even allow distribution of the black
> version through their normal dealer network at all. Apparently there is
> some deal happening in the background with a major retailer like JB to have
> an exclusive deal on the high end GoPro cameras. That may or may not be a
> good thing for consumers.
> I've spoken with a dealer I use here in Australian and another in
> California off the record and get the same story. Apparently GoPro is
> making a fortune now and they aren't playing nicely with the little guys
> anymore.
> I'd say if you want to ensure that you get a top end GoPro the best way to
> go about it would be to buy one from GoPro in the US using a US address and
> then have it shipped to Australia. Although I assume this would mean no
> warranty???
> Cheers.
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