[Canberrauav] X8 vehicle launch method

Stephen Dade stephen_dade at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 22 23:03:25 EST 2012

Hi everyone,


I'd had a look around for a suitable vehicle to the X8 to be launched off,
and found this:


I wanted to go for something big & heavy to ensure it was stable enough to
carry the X8.


The vehicle's width is 310mm and length 550mm. Ideally I want the X8's
central body to be able to fit in this area to prevent any overhangs.


Tridge: How do these dimensions compare with the central body of the X8?


According to the reviews, it can get up to 10m/s with a 2S battery. I'd
expect to get even faster with a 3S battery. I believe the X8's takeoff
speed is around 14 m/s. We may just be able to get to this speed with the 3S


We'd also have to build a cradle of sorts on the vehicle for the X8 to sit


What does CanberraUAV think about this?







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