[Canberrauav] X8 vehicle launch method

Jack Pittar jpittar at bigpond.net.au
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I agree to go for it, considering the price. If it does not go quite fast
enough we can increase the diameter of the tires with some plastic foam. The
crade will have to be designed so that it can take off with the motor
running. Jack.

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  Hi everyone,

  I'd had a look around for a suitable vehicle to the X8 to be launched off,
and found this:


  I wanted to go for something big & heavy to ensure it was stable enough to
carry the X8.

  The vehicle's width is 310mm and length 550mm. Ideally I want the X8's
central body to be able to fit in this area to prevent any overhangs.

  Tridge: How do these dimensions compare with the central body of the X8?

  According to the reviews, it can get up to 10m/s with a 2S battery. I'd
expect to get even faster with a 3S battery. I believe the X8's takeoff
speed is around 14 m/s. We may just be able to get to this speed with the 3S

  We'd also have to build a cradle of sorts on the vehicle for the X8 to sit

  What does CanberraUAV think about this?


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