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Sun Mar 23 14:49:32 EST 2014

Andrew and all,

Photos from today at CMAC as promised.  Nice group shot with the Porter (Felix), plus a few including taxi/ take off and in-flight.  There are high-res versions if you want to zoom in.  Also some pictures of the ADFA Mugin (which had a successful maiden flight)

Sorry I was not able to hang around until the end of the full tank duration test. The new RFD900 surface strip antennas James soldered looked neat.



Here are the photos:


On 22 Mar 2014, at 2:13 pm, Andrew Tridgell <andrew at tridgell.net> wrote:

> The flying went very well today, and the large tank in the Porter had no
> problems.
> We did two flights, one with half a tank for 20 minutes, and we landed
> with about 1/4 of a tank left.
> For the second flight we almost filled the tank (maybe 7/8 full?) and
> flew for 45 minutes. It landed with about half a tank left. That implies
> it should do about 1.5hrs. Airspeed was set to 28m/s both times. We
> didn't fit the bottle, so we should expect the extra drag from the
> bottle to lower flight times a bit, but hopefully we have plenty in
> reserve.
> The only incidents in the flights were:
> - the right side door came open sometime in the first flight. It didn't
>   seem to cause any issues, but it does mean we should put a better
>   latch on. One cute thing Jack noticed was that with the door open we
>   could see how much fuel was left without landing!
> - we lost telemetry right at the end of the 2nd flight (at about the 40
>   minute mark). The logs show that both air and ground radios suddenly
>   lost about 20dB of signal. The recorded noise levels in the plane
>   also dropped, which makes me think it may be either an antenna
>   failing in the plane, or the radio switching to use the wrong antenna
>   connector. James will be bringing new antennas tomorrow, so both
>   antenna connectors should be active.
> Cheers, Tridge
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