[Canberrauav] let the smoke out of AntennaTracker ESC

Matthew Ridley dr.matt.ridley at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 16:27:03 EST 2014

Hi Tridge,

They were Turnigy F-40A


Selection was based on 3 main reasons:

1) Supported by the wii-esc firmware which the modified firmware is based

2) Support 6S so has Fets supposedly rated to the voltages used.
3) Has accessable programming pads

I guess trusting in the BEC on those cheaper ESC's was not ideal, so we use
a castle creations one directly off the 24V battery ?

I used a bus pirate to load the firmware, after soldering wires to the
programming pads.

I will check in my firmware mods somewhere as soon as possible.


On 27 March 2014 06:41, Moss, Andrew <Andrew.Moss at ed.act.edu.au> wrote:

> Hi Tridge,
> Always good to have a "smoke letting" ceremony every once in a while. Good
> for the gods.
> Just to let you know Dickson College is building up an antenna/camera
> tracker. It is this one. Hope to have it built by Tuesday.
> http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/the-expensive-but-attention-grabbing-antenna-tracker
> Best regards,
> Andrew
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> Dickson College
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> Hi Matt,
> While testing the antenna tracker this evening with a PX4 the smoke came
> out of one of the two ESCs when I plugged it in. It seems to be dead. It
> was the ESC that was being used to power the PX4 on the servo rail. The
> PX4 also seems to be dead.
> Can you tell me what types of ESCs we can use with your ESC firmware?
> I'd like to order some replacements.
> Also, can you post some instructions on loading new firmware on the
> ESCs?
> Cheers, Tridge
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