[Canberrauav] Boomerang quadcopter

Justin Galbraith justingalbraith at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 2 19:56:49 AEDT 2015

Peter and i are trying whatever we have laying around at the moment and also anything we can con out of James. :)
I have some random XAircraft motors and speeds to try first, never know they just might do the job.
Peter has an X525 frame up against his shiny new boomerang which he thinks is going to be fine (clearance prop wise) and I am going to try the X666 frame up against my shiny new boomerang. Possibly a dead cat conversion as well that I have laying around. Really we are going to give everything a go because it is fun!

The motors that I have purchased are an attempt to do a little bit of everything, but are massive overkill for the boomerang project. 
They are GARTT ML3515 400kv running on 6 cell, but they are yet to turn up, and they look like being another week away. :(
Plan is to run them on 10 inch props for the 40 size boomerang, 13 inch props for the 60 size boomerang and 15 inch props punching out 2.69kgs of thrust per corner for my secret weapon which shall hence force be known as the storm trooper!

I have also found some 40amp 3D esc’s so I can fly inverted however I just need to find some props capable of handling the power and reversible in flight.

Pretty much if we mount stuff up and it doesn’t work we’ll just try again, using the stuff we have.
Then if that all fails I think the GARTTs will be able to smash it out of the park either way.

Not very scientific, more bleeding edge of guessing.


> On 2 Dec 2015, at 5:17 pm, Jack Pittar <jpittar at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
> Hi Justin,
> I am playing with the .40 size quadplane Tridge has programmed in
> RealFlight, but the motors are far too big for the plane.
> What motors and propellers have you ordered for the Boomerang quadplane?
> Jack.

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