[Canberrauav] Skywalker for sale

Justin Galbraith justingalbraith at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 2 20:03:02 AEDT 2015

For sale NIB and time for a new owner as I am never going to get around to it.
It’s a skywalker I believe the V7? All i know is it doesn’t look like the picture on the box as it has a carbon tube instead of foam between the fuselage and the tail.
I believe I bought it because this one could easily take a 12 inch prop.
Yours for the bargain price of $50. Free pickup from Ngunnawal or may be able to bring to club.

Was going to be for long range FPV but think I might just stick with my boomerangs I so know and love.

Cheers Justin

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