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David Peterson dhpeterson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 11:01:57 EST 2015

Hi Tridge,

> We're not really sure what a good descent rate will be for these
> aircraft. Jack did some drop tests with the Boomerang that indicate that
> 5m/s may be acceptable, but the Boomerang has a tough undercarriage. I
> think we'd like to get under 4m/s, but we're really need to judge it by
> trying it and seeing if we get any damage in our tests. We may need to
> change the undercarriage a bit to make it better for vertical drops.

Just as a data point, the Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS) which is
installed on newer Cirrus SR-20 and SR-22 production aircraft has a target
descent rate of 1,800 feet per minute, which is around 9 m/s.

At this rate of descent the undercarriage and airframe are frequently
damaged beyond repair on impact, so it's really a tool designed to get
people on the ground safely rather than to recover the airframe.

Your suggestion of 4 m/s would appear to be a sensible starting point if
airframe recovery is the goal.


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