[Canberrauav] New UAV Challenge Announced!

Warren Eather ssuav at sutherlandshireuav.com
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With the expected increase in teams competing, it wouldn't surprise me if
the mission time is reduced to 30mins.

That would mean a minimum average ground speed of over 60kph if you want to
spend 10minutes landing and picking up the sample. 



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When the full set of rules come out, we will be looking at all options.

I think range in windy conditions will knock out almost anything on the
market today except maybe the Osprey.

The sky mule is for experimental purposes to cheaply discover in rhelm of
flying a tilt wing craft and the need for variable pitch props.

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Maybe something similar to this? 


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I purchased the Sky Mule from hobbyking with experiments in this field in

Of course the devil is in the detail, and I fully expect when the rules come
out that it will not be as simple as fitting out an existing quadcopter.

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Sounds fun! I reckon we shoot for a tilt-rotor scratch build from day one.




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Thanks Stephen!

hmmm, challenges.


1. Vertical takeoff and landing? 

2. Automated finding of a clear landing area to descend, including wind

3. Automated finding of clear, horizontal touchdown area - visual or swath

4. Landing and takeoff beyond communication

5. I assume any propeller blades will have to stop during the collection


All the above problems can be overcome by having the aircraft fly round in
circles overhead while lowering a collection basket.

If done from the right height, the line and basket should slowly rotate at
the centre of the circle.

Breakout the Bushmaster!




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The 2016 UAV Challenge has been announced: 



I think we're going to need a multirotor :)






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