[Canberrauav] Multiple vehicles in flight for Medical Express

Grant Morphett grant at gmorph.com
Thu Feb 26 21:03:47 AEDT 2015

Joshua - I LOVE the idea of a balloon lifting off with the payload and the
muggin grabbing it mid air - that is cool.

I didn't really get any vibe as to what the expectations were for the next
OBC.  I think the organisers were still worried the original competition
might not be won ;-)



On 26 February 2015 at 20:50, Joshua Smallwood <joshuasmallwood at yahoo.com.au
> wrote:

> I'm one of the guys from the ADFA / UNSW Canberra OBC team - we're all
> very excited to partake in the Medical Express challenge, but in order to
> keep things simple we've been coming up with concepts that might reduce the
> complexity of our required system. A couple of concepts we're hoping to
> explore involve multiple airborne vehicles, or devices.
> Obviously the rules haven't been released yet, but for those who partook
> in the fly-off last year, did you get any vibes that such things might be
> getting looked at? That is, were they having any concerns of say, the
> command of just a single UAV during the fly-off, or of excessive workload
> for the judges attempting to monitor a team's attempt?
> The reason we ask is that while we're waiting for the rules like everyone
> else, a lot of our concepts revolve around reusing our current equipment;
> one team member for example is advocating a VTOL Mugin (Osprey style), but
> if possible I would personally like to avoid that level of mechanical
> complexity. Two concepts that we're interested in is:
> 1. Having the Mugin as a mothership; it scans the landing area (perhaps
> simply just by sending back imagery to be processed in something like
> Pix4DMapper free and then cross-referenced with GPS geotagged imagery),
> airdrops a multirotor (that is built to only need to do the pickup and fly
> the ~10-15km back) provides a communications relay for the multirotor
> (we're considering a gimballed / rotary directional antenna for the Mugin
> for better comms back to the ground station).
> 2. Have the Mugin precision-drop a special container next to the person;
> the human puts the blood sample in the container, then either the human or
> perhaps a remote operator triggers a gas canister which inflates a balloon,
> tethered to the canister. The Mugin spots the balloon (perhaps it's an
> unusual colour) and then catches it, taking it and the canister down below
> for ride back to home (where perhaps the Mugin simply lets go of it); ala
> the Skyhook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPUPOTczy7I
> We feel these methods could potentially save us a lot of time and effort
> over having to do something like a VTOL / STOL fixed wing, or for a new
> rotary system (if we go rotary, we're likely going to go for a proper
> helicopter due to increased efficiencies and the use of petrol / nitro
> energy density. Obviously these concepts wouldn't be easy, but we do want a
> challenge, and due to the experience and education levels of our members,
> we're better at systems integration rather than ground-up development of
> aerodynamic systems, etc.
> Regards,
> Joshua


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