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This was just a feasibility study into the capability of a hybrid being able to carry out the OBC.
If it goes ahead I do not think a smaller aircraft would determine much.
The unknowns are in the scaling up.
We know a Boomerang 60 would struggle with just the weight of the quadcopter parts.
We know the Porter can handle the load of the quadcopter parts, the electronics, and the fuel quite well.

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  Are we thinking of doing a smaller prototype first with a bixler or something or just jump right into the big one?

  Thanks, Grant.

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    Ah ..yes. I forgot the speed controllers. That makes it $510.
    This pricing is just a quick add up of the basic parts without any close
    study of them.
    Built in spares were not considered, but would be in any purchase because
    you can not always get repeats of the same item a few weeks later.
    The receiver, telemetry, pixhawk, battery, switches, wiring and connectors,
    etc etc are all considered to be part of the plane.
    Also not included are the carbon fibre tubes or hardware to mount the motors

    The list:
    4 off Red Brick speed controllers, OPTO, 125 Amp, 2~7S - $37.48 each.
    4 24X8" props - $26.59 each.
    4 off G46-420 motors - $63.56

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    Are you sure on the costs?
    What motors/esc's have you picked (a giant quad for under $400 would be



    > On 1 May 2015, at 12:03, Jack Pittar <jpittar at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
    > The following is to clean up the discussions on the Hybrid Hex.
    > Thanks to all for your interesting discussions.
    > After lots of fiddling around with different physical formats, I have
    settled on the following for the prototype:
    > A 2.2 metre wingspan ARF model - the MaxiLift or Porter - will have a fore
    and aft boom fitted to each wing. Each boom will have motor and 25"
    horizontal propeller mounted on each end, making a traditional quad.
    > The horizontal stabilizer will be moved to the top of the vertical
    stabilizer for clearnce of the quad propellers.
    > The motor will be a standard tractor mounted 40cc petrol twin (because I
    already have it).
    > A tricycle undercarriage will be fitted to allow normal aircraft takeoffs
    and landings.
    > The intention for the prototype is to experiment with the aircraft
    handling in vertical and horizontal flight and in transitioning, beginning
    at the minimum weight of 13Kg.
    > The cost and size of the quadcopter parts, to make the aircraft operate as
    calculated for in eCalc, were a significant roadblock. This was cleared when
    Stephen pointed out that the quadcopter components only have to lift and
    maneuver. The Hobby King cost of these parts will be $360 without batteries.
    One 5Ah 6 cell battery ($105,0.85 Kg) is eCalc'd to bring a hovering and
    maneuvering time of 2 minutes or so. 5 batteries, 8 minutes.
    > The requrement to have all propellers stopping will be dealt with later.
    > With thanks particularly to Ben and Daniel, the generator concept sounds
    quite feasible. It would save on making a mechanical clutch mechanism at the
    expense of making a synchronous rectifier and power controller. Depending on
    conversion efficiencies, a bigger engine would probably be required if it is
    to allow for continuous hovering and maneuvering.
    > Rather than a "Hybrid Hex" I suppose it should be described as a
    "Quad-plane Hybrid".
    > A good name for it would be the "Vampire", although that name should be
    reserverd for whichever aicraft we take to the OBC.
    > Jack.



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