[Canberrauav] OBC approaches

Ryan Pope aerovort at gmail.com
Sat May 2 17:53:45 AEST 2015

I have been trying to consider the many platform options available, against
the OBC mission. In considering the solution options I think the main
options are:

1. The Dead Lift - A single VTOL platform with the speed, endurance,
payload, and telemetry to complete the mission profile by itself.

2. The Twins - Two or more VTOL platforms that can complete the mission
individually, but operate together to provide redundancy, increase
probability of success, and possibly reduce the necessary speed, endurance

3. The Mothership - A platform with the speed endurance and payload to
launch search, and deploy a second VTOL platform that recovers the vile,
before returning directly or being carried home by the Mothership.

4. Job Share - A platform with the speed endurance to search. And a second
VTOL platform with the speed to directly recover the vile and return.

5. TBD - let me know if you have options not covered by the above options.

Note: Options 2 to 4 have the benefit of having airborne comms relays
available for platforms near the ground.

I like them all!
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