[Canberrauav] Pixhawk purchasing

Ryan Pope aerovort at gmail.com
Wed May 6 12:07:03 AEST 2015

Hi Gents
I expect 'we' want to stick to 3dr pixhawks to ensure interoperability of
our dev platforms.

Im happy to do the order.
Do we need more for CUAV?

 Makes sense to me.

I won't be able to order them until my current 3DR orders get processed (so
I don't end up with multiple orders entering Australia at the same time and
get stung by customs). Could be a couple of weeks.

Happy for someone else to order them however.


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From:Andrew Tridgell
Subject:Re: [Canberrauav] Pixhawk purchasing
To:Grant Morphett, Stephen Dade
Cc:Ryan Pope, canberrauav at canberrauav.org.au

 Hi Steve,

Note that if Ryan is putting the Pixhawk in an aircraft that is part of
the CanberraUAV development/testing process then I think CanberraUAV
should pay for his Pixhawk. I assume you are OK with that?

Given the number of aircraft we are developing/testing at the moment I
think we should buy a few more Pixhawks for the CanberraUAV fleet.

I have two more on order myself at the moment, but I need to keep some
available for ardupilot development work.

Cheers, Tridge
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