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Robin Hilliard robin at rocketboots.com.au
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The Rocketeers are actually investigating a concept similar to the original Fairey Autodyne (see attached) - an asymmetric cruise boost engine that unloads the tail rotor for yaw while providing the majority of the forward thrust. This reduces the volume of air moving through the main rotor disk, which can greatly increase the efficiency of the rotor disk while reducing the factors that cause the pitch up/roll over behaviour that limits the forward speed of traditional helicopters. We’ll be testing this on a TREX 550 shortly.

You can take the concept further with twin variable pitch props replacing the tail rotor and boom entirely, but this first setup should prove whether or not we can see efficiency improvements at model helicopter scale.



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> On 22 May 2015, at 12:13 pm, Ryan Pope <aerovort at gmail.com> wrote:
> http://www.challis-heliplane.com/v3/ <http://www.challis-heliplane.com/v3/>
> A different idea. What do you think?

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