[Canberrauav] DC-DC switching regulators

Samuel Dudley dudley.samuel at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 20:46:55 AEDT 2016


I noticed you were looking at GE critical power for a DC-DC switching
regulators. I can only comment on the particular model which I have used
and for my use case but the results were not great… No issues with the
power rail but the RF noise that come off the module was considerable. On
the regulated end I had around 2cm of cable exposed before entering a
shielded cable run (shield was connected at only one end to a common -ve
post off the main lipo). To be fair I was using the module as a plug and
play brick and this particular module (similar to the later power brick)
require external circuitry to meet the RF emissions specified in the


When the module was powering the load (highly transient ~6A max) the
digital radio in the room would stop working. It wasn't until I added a
second identical DC-DC converter that problem really manifested. I didn't
nail down exactly where the noise was entering the system but the frame
loss on the 4 satellite spectrum receiver combined with possible induced
noise on the lined to the 3DR PPM sum encoder was enough to corrupt the PPM
signal to cause random full scale defections in the RC system even while

Upon reflection the issue was present, but much less noticeable /
diagnosable with a single regulator in place.

I switched over to the following part and now the digital radio works in
the workshop :)


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