[Canberrauav] QuadPlane Test

Grant Morphett gmorphett at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 14:59:08 AEDT 2016

Looks great Jaimyn.  Are the forward and aft quad motors about the 
centre of gravity of the plane itself?  If not then you will have one 
set of motors working much harder then the other.  On the QuadPorter we 
are trying to keep the quad as square as possible so the motors are all 
working as equally as possible i.e. drawing the same current.

Thanks, Grant.

On 10/02/16 22:15, admin at brisbaneuav.com.au wrote:
> Hi Everyone!
> I managed to get some control issues sorted out and my quad plane is 
> actually flying, well sort of.  Here is a video of a very short (it 
> was dark and I was getting bitten by mosquitoes) test flight in quad mode.
> This weekend I intend on taking it to my local r/c club and trying a 
> transition to fixed wing flight.  I'm worried about how it will go as 
> the quad motors are to small for the AUW and get hot after a couple 
> minutes.  The transition should be quicker than that though.  They 
> were the only motors I had and I do intend on buying some bigger ones 
> when I get the cash.  Worst case, I crash an experimental aircraft ;)
> I will be putting some documentation and the 3D printed parts up on my 
> website shortly.  Apart from the PID values that need more tuning, let 
> me know what you think.
> Link to video: https://youtu.be/we3fVFj6iT0
> Regards, Jaimyn,
> BrisbaneUAV.com.au <http://brisbaneuav.com.au>
> admin at brisbaneuav.com.au <mailto:admin at brisbanuav.com.au>

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