[Canberrauav] Flying tomorrow (Sunday)

Jack Pittar jpittar at bigpond.net.au
Sat Feb 27 21:25:13 AEDT 2016

James, Ah I see - I thought from earlier the plan was to do the test flying
at your place.
So, I'll just go to CMAC and see what happens.

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I can't join you at cmac - car out of action.
I'll be here though, so feel free to drop around afterwards.



> On 27 Feb 2016, at 19:16, Andrew Tridgell <andrew at tridgell.net> wrote:
> I'll be at CMAC in the morning to support the heli flights that I think
> Greg has planned.
>> What's the plan for tomorrow?
>> I'm planning to visit CMAC to start with, then head out to James'place
>> around 10ish.

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