[Canberrauav] Help configuring PixHawk Mini

Jack Pittar jpittar at bigpond.net.au
Wed Apr 5 08:34:34 AEST 2017

Hi Dale,
I am really surprised at the amount of vibration you now have.
It is way more than one would expect from an airframe repair.
I suggest you look carefully at the motor for a bent shaft.
To do this, run the motor without the prop or hub. You should not feel any
Also look at your propeller and spinner for a change that might cause some

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Hi Peter,

I have had a lot of great help from the guys at CMAC. I'm not ready to say
what kind of range or load I think I'll get from the Opterra airframe but it
does get a lot of interest. We did get a chance for reasonably long test
flights this last weekend and battery use was very conservative. The
aircraft also flies with very little throttle. Technical problems mean that
airspeed sensor was not working, but, with working airspeed we should be
able to achieve good endurance with careful throttle control.

My only criticism of the airframe is the foam around the motor mount is very
thin and I have broken motor mount at the thin neck twice, admittedly on my
very heavy landings. I am thinking about some fibre glass reinforcing on
this part of the frame. My repairs have also introduced vibration that
affected the flight controller. I have added vibration isolation, I had
none, thanks Tridge and Jack!

This weekend I would like to test the range finder for automated landing and
I think Tridge was looking at upgrading the firmware on the WIFI telemetry
transmitter, to upgrade it to MAVLINK 2. It is only capable of MAVLINK 1

I have also ordered a new ESC so that I can setup reverse thrust on the
landing. Maybe I'll get that going in a fortnight.

If you are ever in Canberra on a Sunday come down to CMAC and have a fly of
the Opterra.


On 9/3/17, 1:33 pm, "Peter Morris" <peter.morris at greenpeace.org> wrote:

    I am in the Blue mountains so cant really be of much help,  but I am an 
    admirer of that Opterry airframe.    We have been flying X8 wings for a 
    while (I can send you some video), so I am very interested in your plane

    for comparisons.    We manage to load our X8s up to over 5kg, and they 
    can fly over 150km when pressed, but I am on the look out for similar 
    things.   It would be good to talk to you about your experiences.
    On 8/03/2017 10:29 PM, Dale Rogers wrote:
    > Hi guys,
    > I was hoping I could meet someone out at CMAC this Sunday and get some

    > help configuring my PixHawk Mini.
    > I have an E-Flite Opterra 2m wing and have fitted a PixHawk Mini. I 
    > have the aircraft mostly configured but need help setting the 
    > parameters for a Terabee Teraranger Range finder that I have added. I 
    > have also been using qGroundControl to setup. I'm using a mac and have

    > wifi telemetry setup on UDP.
    > I'm also having problems arming because the controller seems to be 
    > using absolute altitude with a safety setting that prevents arming 
    > when over 5m.
    > Anyway, if anyone can give me a hand and time to meet I would be very 
    > grateful. Thanks
    > Dale
    currently in Brisbane
    phone: Australian:  +61 (0)401909069
    skype: peter.morris  (GP and MSF)

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