[Canberrauav] Notes from Mumble meeting

Stephen Dade stephen_dade at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 4 22:28:41 AEDT 2017

Hi all,

Notes from tonight's meeting:
-NASA is using MAVProxy and Ardupilot! https://github.com/nasa/icarous
-Greg's did a good weekend writeup. He and Paul were FPV flying whilst Jack and Tridge were working on Matlab and Python scripts for VTOL airframe performance

-Tridge created a VTOL aircraft selector - in Github (https://github.com/ArduPilot/SITL_Models/tree/master/scripts/VTOL_mode). Feedback welcome! Would be cool if it had a GUI and could do quadplanes
-If we want to do 3m VTOL wing, it would need 3 motors. 1 fixed, two tilting. Too difficult to find a propellor that's efficient in both forward and VTOL flight at this size. Maybe workable with just 2 tilting motors in a smaller airframe.
-Variable pitch propellor too mechanically complex. 3 motors is actually easier for us
-Would be worth building up a smaller wing for general R&D. Dale will look into this.
-Jack has been using use robot servos for the tilt mechanism - lots of torque
-NCR batteries are $20 for 2 cells. We need 30 cells per VTOL airframe and several spares. So around $1000. NCR batteries are not the best battery for all configs though. With the 3-propellor VTOL airframe, the Lipos work best. So likely not using the NCR's.

-AGM 11 Dec - next week
-Can we have additional roles on the committee??? Need to check. And delegation of roles
-Private repo with GNUCash and the receipts and other paperwork
-Peter chase up any outstanding receipts

-Rasberry Pi - can do 0.25fps capture rate with the PiCam. Too slow for our purposes
-Intel Aero board looks good - lots of support too. Can get it from Mouser. Tridge has one - will use this as a proof-of-concept for the cuav software
-Stephen will write a standalone capture script(s) for the Chameleon camera, similar to the PiCam scripts currently in the cuav repository

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