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Mon Dec 11 22:18:40 AEDT 2017

Hi all,

Brief notes from our 2x meetings:

AGM (unofficial notes):
The new CanberraUAV committee is:
Jimmy Owens - President
James Pattison - Vice President
Peter Barker - Treasurer
Andrew Tridgell - Secretary
Jack Pittar - General Member

General Weekly Meeting:
-Jack flew his boomerang with stall warning LED's. The idea is that the LED's (on the plane) turn on when the plane's airspeed is too low, altering the pilot. Very useful when training new pilots.
-Tridge re-wrote the Raspberry Pi image capture code. It now achieves 1 fps. The plan from here is to re-write the raspistill image capture software to do everything - timestamping (needs to be <100ms accurate, in order for georeferencing to work), RAW capture and jpg compression
-Stephen is going to run the cuav software on the Intel Aero and compare it's performance to the Raspberry Pi. Could be a potential alternative. The cameras on the Aero aren't very good though, they're just 1080p webcams.
-Versawings are in! Greg is organising shipping costs.

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