[Canberrauav] 2018 UAV Challenge accommodation & transport sharing

Joshua Smallwood joshuasmallwood at yahoo.com.au
Fri Aug 3 19:27:31 AEST 2018

Hi all,
I'm going to be providing photography services to the UAV Challenge again this year, and I'm currently exploring both accommodation and transportation options for the duration of the week (I plan to arrive on Sunday the 23rd and depart Dalby on Sat the 29th).

At the last event, some teams rented lodges or townhouses in Dalby, and so I'd like to ask if anyone has a room spare. Naturally I'd be happy to pay my share of the rent.
If I stay in town (vs camp at the airfield) I'd also need to catch a ride each morning / afternoon. If anyone has a spare seat I'd be willing to chip in for fuel and meet you at your vehicle each morning so long as we're getting to the airfield relatively early.
If anyone wants to discuss details but doesn't want them on the public mailing list, feel free to email me privately (at joshuasmallwood at yahoo.com.au).
Joshua Smallwood
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