[Canberrauav] great test flight today

Andrew Tridgell andrew at tridgell.net
Thu Aug 30 16:30:05 AEST 2018

Hi All,

We had two great test flights with the porter today. The setup was:

 - porter octaquad flying retrieval mission
 - fully hands off (no touching mouse or keyboard on GCS entire mission)
 - onboard imaging system found the target, shifted the search pattern
   over it, setup landing, executed landing on target (landed about 2.5m
   from target)
 - after landing the button was pressed on the aircraft by Ryan, 60s
   flashing LEDs, then auto-takeoff, flew home and landed at home
 - 3 network links worked RFD900x was being relayed via the Ranger (the
   Ranger was disarmed on the ground, due to lack of people available
   for piloting/GCS)

That was the 2nd flight. The first flight had some issues:

 - both 3g links dropped out in plane due to a loose USB connector. The
   mission still continued though, with images and all data coming over
   the RFD900x relay
 - the automatic landing setup didn't happen due to a bug in handling a
   preflight reboot. We fixed that bug for the 2nd flight. So I had to
   intervene on the GCS and command the landing sequence on the
   target. It landed less than 2m from the target (using the position
   the imaging code had found).

Overall the test flights were very successful. I'll upload some videos
later today.

Cheers, Tridge

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