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Very interesting - thanks Jack.

On 25 February 2018 at 18:06, Jack Pittar <jpittar at bigpond.net.au> wrote:

> On Saturday I visited the Project Wing presentation and lavish free BBQ at
> Pine Island for the inhabitants of Bonython, where they are going to start
> drone deliveries of Burritos and pharmaceuticals.
> Look at the following sites to see what it is all about so I only have to
> present my points of interest.
> https://www.x.company/intl/en_au/wing/our-approach/
> https://www.x.company/intl/en_au/wing/australia/
> https://www.x.company/intl/en_au/wing/utm-platform/         Unmanned
> Traffic Management
> The ultimate parent company is Google.
> The aircraft is all foam with carbon fibre spars.
> The motors are standard T-motors.
> The range is 10km, but they are sticking to 6km for now.
> They used ardupilot in the first few years of development, but have their
> own system now.
> For the first year CASA required them to have spotters on the hills so
> they weren't going beyond line of site, but now they do not need the
> spotters and one operator can control a number of drones.
> At their base the drones land automatically on a pad which has a matrix of
> conducting strips to charge the batteries.
> For a delivery, the drone takes off automatically and lowers its hook to
> receive the cargo, then flies off on its programmed route.
> The hook is just a hook - it just slips out of the eye when the cargo
> touches the ground.
> The drone uses optical flow to hold position. There is no back to base
> video.
> When beyond line of site, it communicates with base over 4G.
> They have developed, and are still working on, their Unmanned Traffic
> Management system (UTM).
> This system uses Google data to select a flight path clear of obstacles
> and mandated no-go zones, to share live traffic information to and from
> Flight Services, and to find suitable flat spots for dropping points.
> When a customer orders a service via a special app on their mobile phone,
> the UTM automatically dispays a number of possible drop off points for the
> customer to select.
> When fully developed, Google plan to make this UTM available to all.
> Jack.
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