[Canberrauav] Help on APM 2.6

Jack Pittar jpittar at bigpond.net.au
Mon Feb 26 09:01:19 AEDT 2018

Hi Bruce,

I don't frequent facebook. I think it is too public for discussions.

We usually gather at CMAC for flying our aircraft and laptops on Sunday
mornings. This is the best time to work out your problems and actually get
your aircraft flying. In this case you would be welcome to drop in.

However - coming down from Newcastle begs a few questions. Are you coming
down this way anyway, and want to take the opportunity to visit, or do you
have something more specific in mind?

Have you exhausted all other avenues to solve your problem, such as forums
and looking at the ardupilot wiki?

Are you aware the telemetry and direct connection to the USB port use
different baud rates? (115200 for the USB connection).



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