[Canberrauav] Any suggestions on using this ESC?

Darrell Burkey dazza at tucan.net
Thu Sep 19 18:00:55 AEST 2019

I ordered the following brushed ESC to use on my rover project but it came with no doco and I can’t get it to work:

https://hobbyking.com/en_us/20a-brushed-esc-turnigy-tz4-awd-drift-spec.html <https://hobbyking.com/en_us/20a-brushed-esc-turnigy-tz4-awd-drift-spec.html>

I’m assuming the JST connector is for power in, the two pins are for power to the motor, and the red/white/black cable goes to the Pixhawk rail. I think the switch is for selecting different types of batteries but I don’t know how it should be set.

If anyone can help out I’d appreciate it.


Darrell Burkey
dazza at tucan.net

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