[Canberrauav] TeamBeam (formerly Team Rocketeers) pulling out of UAVC 2020 - Aircraft and trailer for sale

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Sorry to hear this Robin, but we know the challenges and the need for being realistic. Jack.


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Hi All,


Unfortunately TeamBeam is not going to make the next milestone. I was holding onto the aircraft for the challenge, but as we’re not continuing I’ll be selling the aircraft and trailer and moving to a smaller more practical airframe for future experiments (having one driveway and a second trailer since 2014 has been something of a logistical challenge). If you have the room to keep the trailer and are looking for a BIG long endurance high payload fixed wing UAV setup (or maybe an awesome giant scale glider tug) at a fraction of purchase cost this is your opportunity:




It would be great to see it continuing to be used as a UAV. There’s also an X-Plane model I made if you want to do SITL stuff.


I’m philosophical about pulling out of the competition again (attempts in 2014, 2016 and 2020). We had some big software successes with team member Josh Price coming runner up in the global PhoenixPhrenzy programming competition with a flight simulator based on early design work for our web based GCS using live view (a server side DOM updating client with DOM deltas at animation-like speeds):




And I finally released a MAVLink library on the Erlang/Elixir platform (which I believe is a great fit for drone avionics) which had existed in some form or other since the 2014 competition attempt:




I even submitted some (very basic) PRs on MAVLink itself.


General pattern of these attempts is that we spend lots of time in software (because it’s fun) and building stuff (because it takes 10 times longer than we expect) and way too little time flying, made harder in Sydney with the lack of safe flying spaces (nearest are over an hour's commute).


In the meantime best of luck for everyone competing in 2020. I will proudly and vicariously participate through my continuing Patreon sponsorship of Canberra UAV, without who’s efforts we would not have made a fraction of the progress that we did in our own :-).





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