Quadcopter Workshop

By | November 9, 2015

CanberraUAV will be running a build-your-own quadcopter workshop in Canberra in December 2015.

The workshop will be held at the MHV makerspace from 6pm 11/12/15 to 4pm 13/12/15 (building Friday evening and Saturday. Flying on Sunday)

The workshop will cover how a quadcopter is built, set-up and flown.

There are 15 spaces available at the workshop.

Cost is variable (from $265+), depending on options chosen. The options are:
-A small (250mm) quadcopter “racer”
-A small (250mm) quadcopter “dronie”
-A medium (550mm quadcopter
-Optional FPV kit
-Optional beginner’s kit (if you don’t already have RC gear)

We’ve set up a temporary webstore to register/pay for the workshop:
(Click on “Workshop Kits” in Product Categories, pick one and pay for it, and you’re registered!)

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