By | October 4, 2016

Now that we’re all safely back home, I’d just like to give thanks to all the support CanberraUAV has been given by individuals and organisations. Without you support, we would not have made it to 1st place in the 2016 UAV Challenge.

Thanks go to:

  • Gaui: For supplying us the 2x GX9 helicopters (at a steep discount) and ongoing technical support for the GX9’s over the past year.
  • Halo Blades: For supplying the helicopter blades for the aforementioned GX9’s
  • Hobbyking: For the store credit that allowed us to buy many small bits and pieces for our airframes
  • CMAC: For letting us test fly our many experimental airframes at your field and your warmth (literally in terms of the fireplace you installed!) and friendliness to our team.
  • Ardupilot: For all your awesome work in creating a world-class flight controller and depth of support for all of our issues and queries.

I’d also like the thank the entire CanberraUAV team – together have once again proven our ability to make world-leading UAV systems. Our skills run the entire gamut of software, airframes, electronics, imaging and communications. Also to those who have assisted me with the administration and organisation of CanberraUAV – thankyou as well. I deeply appreciated all the (voluntary) time you’ve devoted to this awesome hobby.